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Erd'ebahn Multimedia
Talent Agent and
Production Company

Serving New York City, New England, East Coast and Chicago

Erd'ebahn Multimedia
276 5th Ave. Suite 704-242, New York, NY 10001-4527; United States

Erd'ebahn Multimedia is a New York City based talent agency and theatrical production company.

Jahn Kefa (Ян Кифа) is the founder and Director. Est.1983

The company has promoted, recorded, and booked into live venues, original music, dance and theatrical acts in New York City; including promotions of multimedia art & theatre productions of its founder as well.

Currently, the focus is to introduce Ukrainian Pop entertainment from Kiev to the people of New York and the surrounding regions.

Also performance acts out of Moscow and St. Petersburg are of interest as well.

Erd'ebahn New England
P.O. Box 235 Pittsfield, MA 01202

New England offices service venues from Albany New York, across to Boston, MA.  They are based in the theater rich mountain county of the Berkshires. Home of Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Moscow Ballet, Tanglewood,
Berkshire Theater Festival, Shakespear & Co., Colonial Theater and many other.

Jahn Kefa
1 (413) 841-8882

Jahn Kefa Director and Founder has had an eclectic career, from Rock 'n' Roll icon in the 1980's, to being a talent agent in New York City. Then by excursion to Colorado, fell into the Hippie element, committing charitable causes as a Universal Minister, helping runaway youth, homeless people Vietnam Vets, and those destitute on the street.
He eventually returned to theater production and supervised a college theater in the berkshires for four years.  Now returning on the scene in New York City as an international Talent Agent; promoting artists from Kiev, Ukraine, and shopping Rock Operas on Broadway.